Monday, June 8, 2009

confessions of a first time stage mom

Readers, please indulge me for this post, as I am going to transform myself into proud-as-a-peacock stage mom:

dress rehearsal

Here are photos from my daughter's dress rehearsal for her very first recital! She's the kitty cat on the left here. She is only three and a half, but she and her fellow kitties did a wonderful job at rehearsal! They weren't scared of the dark or the huge stage or anything. And when the time came to actually dance, they did! Their teacher created some phrases to help the girls remember the steps, and on stage they repeated these phrases. LOUDLY. It was hilarious to hear all of them shouting (phonetic spelling to follow) "PEE-KAY! PEE-KAY! KISS MY HEELS!!!" I must admit, I was a little teary eyed watching her - she is growing up so fast...

Here are some more b/w shots. Parents were not allowed to get all that close to the stage with their cameras/videocameras, especially since the dance studio hired a professional photographer to take photos of the dancers and then charge the parents a small fortune to buy them. All that to say I was using my telephoto zoom and was REALLY far from the action.

kitty cat's party

I can't believe I actually took a photo where ALL the girls are doing the same step at the same time. Trust me, this is quite an accomplishment!

the end!

the end!

kitty cats post rehearsal
kitty cats post rehearsal

After rehearsal the kitty cats decided to blow off some steam. Like a little kitty cat gang, or something...

This Sunday is the big recital - can't wait!


Jackie Kersh June 8, 2009 at 1:37 PM  

so so cute! she is so grown up, i can't believe it. you are more than entitled to be a proud stage mom!

Anonymous June 8, 2009 at 3:44 PM