Thursday, May 28, 2009

Composition: breaking all the rules

I admit - I really struggled with this week's lesson. I feel like we've covered a lot of the basics of photography, and I started photography 201 to provide more advanced lessons. So readers, if you have any specific questions you want answers to, or help editing a photo of yours, PLEASE email me or leave a comment. I could use the inspiration for next week...

(And by the way, I am an idiot and I misspelled my email address in the sidebar, so if any of you readers tried to email me in the past few weeks, I didn't get it)

So today, we're breaking all the (composition) rules. I love some of these suggestions at digital photography school (a great website for easy-to-digest photo tips). Remember the rule of thirds? Ignore it. Remember those weeks we reviewed focus? Fuggetabouit. Want to spice up your photos? Try some of these tips:

read all of the broken rules here - let me know if you think this improves some of your photos or detracts from them...