Wednesday, September 23, 2009


It's been a while since I featured a good ol' DIY project around here - with good reason. With the launch of my business I haven't had time for a good ol' DIY project. Unfortunately I had already purchased an old 1930s dresser that I really wanted to makeover for my daughter's room. I was at a crossroads - either donate/re-sell on craigslist, or find someone that could do the work for me. After a little searching on craigslist I found an antique furniture restorator that was local and reasonably priced.

I don't seem to have a before picture, but I purchased the dresser when it was painted a "shabby chic" white with natural wood knobs that the guy was super proud of (and I knew instantly would be coming off said dresser). My daughter's room is brightly colored, so I wanted something fun but with a bit of a shabby, romantic feel.

Behold the after:




LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I had to make sure my restoration guy wasn't too offended that I didn't want to restore to the original wood (which was a lovely dark walnut, apparently), and he said he didn't mind at all. I purchased the aqua paint from Benjamin Moore and the pulls from Anthropologie. He stripped the old paint, drilled new holes for the pulls, repaired one dresser, stripped the paint from the old keyholes, repainted the dresser, and distressed the dresser drawers and edges. These photos just don't do it justice - he did an amazing job!

Of course when I bought it I didn't think about the fact that the dresser is old, and the drawers are difficult for a 4 year old to open and close. But it doesn't matter - I j'adore it!


Anonymous September 24, 2009 at 7:56 AM  

Love it! GREAT JOB, Mel!