Friday, July 10, 2009

weekend links

Happy Friday everyone! I have a busy weekend ahead of me - a photo shoot tomorrow in downtown Long Beach and a wedding photo pow wow. I CANNOT believe the wedding is a week away!

Here are some links I found interesting this week:

  • The NYT photo blog Lens has an interesting feature on cell phone photos - it is pretty amazing the quality and artistry you can achieve with a camera phone. Plus, you have the added bonus that your camera phone is almost always with you and is much more inconspicuous than whipping out your SLR.
Here's a photo I snapped at the DMV using my iPhone:

waiting at the DMV

I liked the lights and the pattern of the chairs. And I definitely could not have photographed this incognito if I didn't use my phone. (Does anyone know if it's ok to take photos in the DMV?)
  • I saw this post on Fallen Princesses over at How About Orange. I personally have a love/hate affair with the Disney Princesses. My daughter LOVES them, but every time I read Cinderella I cringe at the thought that she just WISHES and HOPES for the prince to come and SAVE her from her terrible life! This is 2009 people - if Cinderella and her princess sisters can't save themselves they are screwed. Ok, enough feminist rhetoric - check out the photos from this series. I laughed at them initially, but I found them profoundly sad after a while.
Both of these links inspired me to stretch myself as a photographer - to look for the interesting and beautiful in my everyday life, and to consider photography as an art, not simply a means to document my life.

Have a great weekend everyone!