Wednesday, July 15, 2009

before and after - library cart (and a lesson in humility)

I think the reading chair was an instance of beginner's luck, unfortunately. I'm pretty new to the DIY movement so I have very little experience actually painting, sanding, refinishing, etc. But after the chair turned out so nicely I thought I would have no problems with my next project - a 1950s metal library cart I bought on ebay. Silly me...

Here's the before:

Mistake number 1 - I did not sand ALL of the old paint off. It was a pain, and I was anxious to get to the good stuff (painting). I'm thinking that is the root of my issues (I'll explain in a minute).

Mistake number 2 - no primer. The primer paint can broke on me, and I just decided to go for it and use more paint if I needed to. Not a good idea.

Nevertheless, here's the after:

I used MANY cans of Rustoleum Sun Yellow - such a cute, bright color. I then used a lacquer finish to try and get that super glossy look. Unfortunately, the lacquer may actually be lifting the yellow paint off the metal cart - when I go to clean the cart I can wipe paint dust off. And it chips pretty easily - despite my 7 or 8 coats of paint. I did add the antique looking casters to the base.

It's my own fault for rushing through this project - I was just so anxious to finish the cart since my 1 year old loves to just sit in front of it and "read" her books. I figure I can right the wrongs when the paint really starts chipping off. I give myself an A for creative vision and a C- for execution. Lesson learned...

Not to fear readers, for I have yet another project in the works. A dresser for my almost 4 year old's room. It's currently a shabby chic white with some ugly pulls - I have ideas, I tell you...and this time I will do some homework and take my time, lest I end up with another chipping library cart on my hands.