Friday, June 26, 2009

how to take intentionally blurry photos - wait, WHAT?

I know - this sounds strange doesn't it? Any blurry photos of mine are unintentional - the result of bad focus or too much subject (or camera) movement. So I was surprised to find entire flickr groups dedicated to blur in photos.

When I googled "how to take intentional blurry photos" there were many methods, but the one I found most fascinating was using plastic wrap and vaseline. HUH??? You heard me - simply put some plastic wrap over your lens and then put vaseline, oil, honey, lotion, anything that will create a blurred effect in your photos. My interest was peaked - I had to try it right away!

So here are some comparison shots using a rose in my garden - note these are all straight out of the camera (i.e. no editing done):
no filter over the lens (I am using my 50mm/f1.4 lens, ISO 200, aperture set to 2.5, shutter speed at 1/4000)

plastic wrap over lens (secured with a hair tie - I am so MacGyver!) - slightly blurry look.

plastic wrap + tiny bit of aquaphor.

Thoughts? I'm curious to read your reaction to this technique. I'm a skeptic, but I have to admit after checking out some of the photos over at this flickr group, I think they are very interesting. Some are beautiful, and some...just look out of focus to me.

Happy weekend everyone!


April June 27, 2009 at 8:52 AM  

I kind of like how it creates a soft, almost dreamlike quality to the picture. I'm sure it wouldn't work for everything but it looks good on the flower!