Wednesday, May 13, 2009

wanderlust - Hong Kong

chairman mao & company

I have flea markets and estate sales on the brain. I recently "won" on ebay a vintage swag lamp circa 1960s that I am anxiously awaiting. My sister-in-law Rachel and I scoured yard sale after yard sale this past weekend with some success (hers more than mine, but more on that later this week...)

So I couldn't resist posting this photo from my trip to Hong Kong in 2004. We were visiting a flea market with all of this fun, kitschy Communism paraphernalia. Chairman Mao watches, handbags, t-shirts, alarm clocks, and table after table of these figurines. It was irreverent, not at all what you envision when you think of "communist" China - and I loved it! I picked up a small jar while I was there, but I regret not getting some authentic Communist propaganda. Look closely at the photo (I like the grainy look to it, although it has nothing to do with my artistic capability, but rather the photo is scanned from an old negative) - see the poor guy in the dunce cap? And what's with the blond lady in the group of revolutionaries? (top left) I love how Chairman Mao is glowering down at you from the bottom of the photo. Who knew these figurines could tell such a story!

I suppose I can find my Chairman Mao alarm clock on ebay, but somehow it's not quite the same.