Thursday, May 14, 2009

Composition: 10 elements that create more interesting photos

Okay everyone - it's been a long week. The husband has been out of town for work, the 1 year old is recovering from an ear infection, and the dog decided to bark at something outside 3 separate times in the middle of the night. Needless to say I am sleep-deprived and on my 4th cup of coffee.

All that to say this week's lesson is actually two links to Digital Photography School's article on 10 elements of composition in photography:

Click here for the first 5

Click here for the second 5

Normally I read articles and write a post based on the information in the article, and hopefully my post is written in such a way that makes sense to my readers no matter where you're at in learning about photography. However, this article is very clear and has great photos to illustrate the concepts, so no need to rewrite. Plus, this lesson is applicable to you point and shoot photographers as well as SLR.

For those of you that remember/have practiced the rule of thirds, this lesson will push you to continue to explore composition and how to improve your photos even more.


Extra credit to any readers that read the links and tell me which elements are present in my photo above...