Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Family Photos - Patti

Lens Flare reader Patti sent in these adorable photos of her daughter Grace.

She writes, "These are from my 9 month shoot with Grace - I make it a point to have a little photo session for each month birthday. I was practicing shooting in B&W, since I normally ALWAYS shoot in color and then post process. I was also practicing bouncing the flash off of the wall to Grace's right - I usually just use the ceiling.



I really love the color one - the softness of the light on her face is fantastic (in my opinion). Patti, perhaps you should write a guest post on using your external flash? Just a thought...

I do like the fact that Grace's face it tilted and that she is off-center in b/w photo. I definitely like children's pictures that are taken off center or at an angle (again, in my opinion).

Thanks for sharing with us, Patti!