Thursday, December 18, 2008

Taking Better Pics of Your Kids - CHEEEESE!

How to take better pics of your kids is a topic I could spend many weeks on (and probably will, I'm sure). I did have one specific question from one of you out there: how can I get my kids to look at the camera AND smile on cue?

Ahh, if I knew the slam-dunk answer to this I would be the Annie Liebovitz of children's photography. But here are some suggestions (click here for the full discussion on Flickr):

  • get down on their level - sit on the ground, lie down - you'll get a much better picture if your kids can connect with you on their level.
  • show them the pictures you are taking (this is the one my daughter loves).
  • put a stuffed animal on your head and ask your kids to blow it off. Then nod your head and when it falls, (usually?) you'll get a smile.
  • take pictures at funny angles (between your legs, over your shoulder) and then alternate with "real" pictures inbetween.
  • bodily noises or words (burping, farting, "poopy pants," etc. - and don't shoot the messenger if you don't want to encourage these noises, I'm just reporting the facts. Use at your own risk...)
and whatever you do, DON'T ask your kids to say cheese, or you will probably get that terrible smile you HATE.

Let me know if any of these work for you...