Tuesday, September 15, 2009

photography 201 - bouncing flash

Planet Neil has an informative tutorial on how to bounce flash. Essentially, flash produces a harsh light on your subject because it is a small source of light - by bouncing flash off the ceiling or the wall, you create a much larger light source, and more favorable lighting conditions. (NOTE - this tutorial is for those of you using an external flash unit). The article is great because it challenges photographers to think beyond the 45-degree-angle-flash-bouncing-off-of-ceiling approach. He uses some of his photos and describes the angles and settings he used in order to achieve no discernable flash shadow.

I learned a lot from this article, so I thought I'd pass it along - click here to check it out.

As for future Photo 201 lessons, I can't promise I'll get to them every other week like I'd hoped, but I do promise 1 advanced lesson a month.

Now go forth and bounce that flash!