Friday, July 17, 2009

attention brides!

Tomorrow is the big day - for me and for the happy couple (Meghan + Tristan) - I'll be sure to post some sneak peaks from the wedding asap. I would appreciate lots of finger crossing/prayers/chants/whatever my dear readers do when they are hoping for some good luck to come their way!

For any brides to be out there, I've been following Gia Canali's blog for a while, to get a sense of what's popular lately with respect to wedding photography. She offers great advice to brides on how to pose without looking like you're posing, how to make your dress look great in photos, etc. Things I wish I had thought about before I got married!

Click here for a list of her "planning" posts - some great advice here.

And a couple of pieces of advice from me (a bride over 8 years ago):

1) assign someone to be your beauty consultant that day. Bridesmaid, good friend - anyone. You will be too flustered to really think about reapplying your lipstick (or at least I was) and you may not notice if your dress is bunched funny or if something's not quite right with your headpiece/veil. I wore a strapless dress for my wedding, and for some reason part of the top was folding over in many of my wedding shots - wish someone had caught that for me, but alas, I did not assign a beauty consultant.

2) When holding your bouquet, relax your arms - your bouquet should hit right at or around belly button level. You'll have a more relaxed look about you - many brides and bridesmaids hold the flowers up near their chest, probably because they are nervous. It looks much better in photos if your arms are relaxed.

That's it - the next time I post I will have one whole wedding under my belt!