Saturday, May 16, 2009


I read many a photography blog religiously, and a trend I've noticed is the "urban" photo shoot. Instead of the good old park/forest/beach standby, families and couples are venturing into back alleys and doorways - the edegier the better. Most of these shots are pretty amazing, and while I'm not sold on suggesting "urban" photo shoots for everyone, I do have a friend whose family is game for trying it out.

Last Wednesday I explored downtown Long Beach in search of any colorful, wacky, interesting backgrounds for our photo shoot. Downtown areas are known for their dichotomous nature - beautiful architecture alongside an abandoned, rundown tenement. I have to say I enjoyed leaving my suburbia cocoon to walk the downtown streets today.

This church is just gorgeous - I didn't catch the name. I though the doors might be a cool place to shoot a portrait.

Found this mural on the backside of a building - think it might be a colorful backdrop for some shots, don't you?

These are ads for a bar/jazz club on Pine Avenue - love them!

I decided to wander down more alleys after I found that mural above. Such a rich color on the walls here.

security pacific bank building
Isn't this building amazing? It was originally a bank building, which now houses a restaurant. I was able to peek inside only for a moment because some TV show or movie was being filmed inside. I even saw a couple of actors - Ron Rifkin (Sloane from Alias - remember him?) and I believe I saw Leslie Ann Warren walking around too. I only know who she is because one of my favorite movies as a kid was Clue, and she played Miss Scarlet. Anyhow...

Couple more b+w shots:
downtown long beach
Loved this! Such a fancy art deco sign for a parking structure.

no cruising
So 1950s sounding, right? No cruising...although I grew up in Long Beach, and until recently you NEVER went downtown after sunset, unless you were looking for trouble. Somehow I think the "cruisers" this sign is referring to are not as innocuous...

We're hoping to get the "urban" photo shoot scheduled pretty soon here, so I'll be sure to post the photos!


April May 19, 2009 at 11:18 AM  

These are great! I love the urban shots and didn't even think to explore my own "backyard" for inspiration. Great pics!

The Jacobs June 1, 2009 at 4:16 PM  

Do you think I could buy a print of the "No Cruising" sign? I think my bro-in-law would love it and his birthday is in July. Let me know. =)