Thursday, March 5, 2009

helpful links

Hello everyone - I have 2 girls that are finally on the mend after having suffered from colds, ear infections (the baby) and pink eye (both) - unfortunately their mother is now suffering from said cold and pink eye (God bless the kind nurse that provided us with extra drops just for this situation).

So forgive me for not preparing a formal lesson today, but rather some helpful links that I look to when I need some guidance or inspiration:

I love to travel, so I frequent the National Geographic Traveler website to satisfy my wanderlust (as I will not be trekking through Nepal with 2 young children this year). Click here for advice from the pros, everything from becoming inspired by other photographers to learning the basics. Even though the site has an obvious emphasis on travel photography, I find it very informative.

For those of you wanting more info on using flash, check out the Strobist - lighting 101. This is not for the faint of heart when it comes to technical detail. In fact, while I have it bookmarked I have yet to actually really review the lessons (and I enjoy shooting in natural light more, or at least that is my excuse...)

For any of you contemplating a career in photography (which seems to be a theme among us moms with cameras) here is an interesting article on moms working as photographers part time.

And for some inspiration when it comes to portraits, I frequent these sites:


The Image is Found

Whitebox Kids

And for anyone looking for a little inspiration, here's a link to my friend Brian's blog, The Leaf Blower, discussing rejection in the publishing industry. (By way of background, Brian quit his day job to write a novel, and his weekly blog charts his progress). Makes me feel like a weenie when I would complain about any negative aspect of my performance reviews! Also inspires me to just get out there and take pictures.