Saturday, February 21, 2009

Practice, Practice, PRACTICE!!!

"Twelve significant photographs in any one year is a good crop." - Ansel Adams

I write to you after a very challenging family photo shoot yesterday. I have taken pictures of my own kids and my friends' kids for years now, and I am comfortable (for the most part) with my knowledge of how to get a really GREAT shot of babies and kids. Pictures of the entire family, though, is not my strong suit, mostly because I haven't really had a chance to practice much. My friend Carrie was kind enough to let me try and take their family pictures - mommy, daddy and a two year old little boy.

I was completely humbled by the experience. First the lighting conditions were challenging - we moved between bright sunlight and shade in a second's notice. Little man was not always interesting in having his picture taken (especially after seeing the super-cool playground at the park - who could blame him?). And I am not particularly adept at walking backwards - never knew I would need that skill? Should have signed up to be a tour guide at my college...

I shot 214 images yesterday, and due to some computer issues I have not had the chance to really view and edit the photos yet (sorry Carrie!) But I can already tell that of the 200 or so I shot, there are only a handful that I would consider "frame worthy." I was bummed about this, until I read the quote above. Think of the THOUSANDS of pictures we take in the digital age, and so many of those pictures are just plain bad - out of focus, bad lighting, overexposed, underexposed - you get the point. But once in a while, there is that fantastic photograph, the one that really captures your memory of the moment. That is why I love photography, and that is why I will push myself and continue to take pictures in difficult situations, and hope to find that diamond in the rough.

So no "real" lesson this week, other than to encourage you shutterbugs to practice - A LOT. And if you want a family photo taken, and are willing to let me practice on you, let me know :)